Our Belief

 “Capabilities of children”   and   “0 → 1 mind” 

 All children are born with their own talents. However, in the face of the uniform rule of society, there are times when we adults cannot believe it.

We, S.R. Memorial School, never forget to believe that “Every child is full of possibilities.”

When adults believe and lead, children sometimes demonstrate abilities that we didn’t expect. We believe in all children. So, they will voluntarily explore with great curiosity.

In the era of 100 years of life, “the ability to discover, explore and express it in society” is required. “0 → 1 mind”, the skill to produce ideas from scratch. 


Our school nurtures children's “0 → 1 mind” through group projects and supports children to enjoy the era of 100 years of life.


Your kids deserve the best education

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