Admission Procedure


In order to apply for admission in S.R,Memorial School, you have to procure a Registration Form, which is available from its School campus or can register your child online.

A student can be registered with the School by depositing the Registration Form along with the specified Registration & Processing Fee. (Please note that registration is only valid for the year for which the child is registered and is neither refundable nor transferable. Moreover, the mere fact of registration does not guarantee admission which is subject to testing, interview and the rules given below.)

Registered candidates will be expected to take tests/interviews in various subjects. Failure to attend the Admission Test/Interview will cause the registration to lapse. (In such a case, the candidate’s registration will be considered null and void and the Registration Fee paid will be forfeited.)

Documents Required

Along with the completed registration form the parent also has to submit

  • 4 passport size photograph of the child
  • 2 passport size photograph of Parents
  • copy of birth certificate &  Aadhaar card of the child.
  • last marks card available with the child.
  • Identity prove of parents (copy of Aadhaar card or Passport).

Age Requirement

For admission in class I, a student should be about 5+ years of age in the month of April in the year of admission. Thus, for admission to class V the age should be about 9+ years and so on.



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