A safe transport system is provided by the school. Buses/Vans ply on different routes to enable the students come to school. School may change the routes according to the genuine needs of the commuters.

S.R.Memorial School provides transport facilities to all students from Class I to Class X. The transport system is hassle-free and convenient.

We provide Safe and Comfortable buses that are spacious . There is a  attendant in each and every bus. These school buses ply on most routes of the city. Students get more space to sit and keep their bags too. They do not have to take in the air and noise pollution from outside besides reaching the school fresh and on time. Use of school bus is optional, however, we encourage all to avail this facility to avoid traffic congestion and reduce the carbon footprint.

School  Bus Rules

  1. School Transport for students is subject to the availability of seats on a particular route. Parents are requested to contact the Transport Incharge for any queries.
  2. Students availing the bus facility have to pay the Bus Fee along with the monthly Tuition Fee at the Fee Counter only.
  3. The Bus Fee is for the whole month irrespective of the number of days School is able to function for any month
  4. Bus Facility stands for one Academic year only. In case a child needs to avail the facility further, a new Revised Form has to be filled at the beginning of the New Session.
  5. A Student who wishes to discontinue the Bus facility must intimate the School authorities one month in advance giving an authorization Letter duly signed.
  6. Students availing the School Bus facility are not allowed to leave the school in any other transport. However, if due to certain exigencies, a student has to leave during the school hours, ensure that the following school rules are observed :
  7. A written request from the Parent/Guardian is required.
  8. The Department Incharge will hand over a permission slip and the bus driver to be informed in advance by the parent.
  9. Students should be at their respective bus stops at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival of the school bus.
  10. No student should try to enter the bus until it comes to a complete stop.
  11. Students should sit on their seats and not move around the bus when it is moving.
  12. Students must not stick their hands or head out of the moving bus.
  13. Consumption of edibles is not allowed on the bus.
  14. No object should be discarded inside or outside the bus.
  15. The driver should not be distracted for any reason by the students travelling in the bus.
  16. For any concern regarding the school driver contact the Executive Director/Principal.
  17. Parents are requested to be patient in case of delay of the school bus.
  18. Students are expected to be disciplined at all the times while travelling by bus. Strict action will be taken if misbehaviour is found.


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