Building Champions. Winning Becomes A Habit.


our facilities are led by experienced and trained staff with the latest equipment and training methods. Beginning with a basic understanding of the games and physical training we work with each child at their ability level to develop mental toughness, physical fitness, and advanced game-specific strategy to give us the best chance to compete locally, regionally, and nationally.

"Its not whether you get knocked down, its whether you get up" – Vince Lombardi


Cricket, India’s favorite pastime, remains the most popular sport amongst kids across the country. Here at SRMS School we have state of the art equipment with a  professional player on staff to develop the skills of each and every student.  In addition to daily practice and weekly scrimmages, we host an annual student vs. staff match which has quickly become one of the most popular school events of the year!


Our skilled basketball coaches stress the importance of playing smart. Beginning with endurance, skill development, teamwork, positioning, and speed training the students must learn the fundamentals before they can represent our school in competition. With the basics in place we teach zone defence, the pick and roll, give and go, and other plays. 

Badminton :

Badminton is a fantastic game which helps our students focus on hand-eye coordination as well as mental discipline. We teach our students the rules of the game in accordance with the Badminton World Federation (BWF) and help them learn the finer points of the game through singles and doubles matches.


Volleyball is a wonderful team sport truly emphasizing the importance of teamwork, technical skill, and physical ability. Our students are able to run full practice scrimmages each and every day supervised by our knowledgeable and talented staff. What began as an afterschool game has become a fierce competition beloved by students and staff alike. A plethora of indoor games are also offered by the school which includes:



***Carrom Board

****Table Tennis

***** & many more

Soccer / Football

Football is a game everyone can enjoy. At SRMS School we begin teaching our kids football at a very early age to assure they understand the rules, develop a sense of competition, and experience a healthy dose of physical activity. As they progress, we focus on teamwork and strategy to make sure our school has a chance to win the championship year in and year out.


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