Smart Classes

Smart Classes

Today kids are very smart, so it’s only right to teach them the SMART WAY. S.R.Memorial  School   to provide Electronically equipped Smart Classes, which combines Audio – Visual – Motion and makes education an engrossing and entertaining process. The use of ‘Voting Meter like Answer Meters’ makes these classrooms even more interesting and have an everlasting impact on the child’s memory.
  • Smart Class is a computer aided class room.
  • The learning becomes easier and permanent because of audio visual media.
  • practical demonstration of all the chapters through animation becomes effective to the student.
  • Clarity & grasping of concept becomes easier. Scope for interactive method of teaching is more
  • Students psychological fear towards monotonous subjects like Maths & Science can be eliminated.
  • Students are exposed to world class teaching method.  

Smart Classes at SRMS empowers teachers to transform traditional blackboard- and-chalk into interactive sessions. The multimedia content enables teachers to explain complex concepts in a better way for students to retain information for a longer period of time. Smart class modules, team work, group discussions, experiments, project work are the various teaching tools being used to facilitate the teaching learning process.

Objective of Smart Class

  1. To develop a learning environment that utilizes technology that will enhance research-based instructional strategies.
  2. Excel in every subject by using the best learning resources. 
  3. Enter the e-age revolution & communicate instantly with students & their parents.


Your kids deserve the best education

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